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RTP Program Application

The Registered Training Provider Program Application (“Application”) is intended to evaluate all education providers (“Providers”) who wish to provide the Association of Business Process Management Professionals International (“ABPMP”) registered courses. The purpose is to ensure the Provider is able to comply with ABPMP requirements.  For a Provider to be approved as a Registered Training Provider (“RTP”) it must: (1) demonstrate that it is a registered and established business or a BPM professional with sufficient knowledge and experience in BPM; (2) show that it has quality processes in place to deal with course development, course updates, and instructor selection; and (3) incorporate industry standards and student feedback into its development process.

ABPMP does not intend to collect any confidential information about RTPs. If confidential information has been provided in this application, please ensure such information is clearly identified.

Information Packet and Application includes six sections

Section 1 is the RTP Program Contract, the agreement between the Provider who completes the Application (the “RTP Applicant”) and ABPMP.

Section 2 provides the RTP Program Responsibilities and Criteria, which includes criteria for RTP Applicant to meet ABPMP requirements for the quality review of RTP Applicant’s background and the quality review of RTP Applicant’s course materials. It also includes an outline of the responsibility and benefits of the RTP Program.

Section 3 is where RTP Applicant must provide its registered company information; include EIN number, state of licensure, certificate of insurance, a brief introduction about your company, years in operation, professional background of officers of the company and those who will manage the RTP program for the company.

Section 4 is 250-word statement explaining why your company is pursuing the ABPMP RTP credential, including a description of your background and your knowledge of BPM. If RTP Applicant is a company registered with ABMPM; please include the details of projects completed or underway in the BPM space.

Section 5 Please include 3 letters of recommendation if you are applying for the RTP program as an independent professional. If a registered company is applying, please include references from 3 of your clients. A financial reference is also required to attest to RTP Applicant’s financial viability (this is over and above the three letters of recommendation).  This section is not required to be completed by universities, community colleges or continuing education schools, associations or ABPMP chapters.

Section 6 is the application and course description form for you to complete for each BPM course you are submitting for the quality review of your course materials.

You must submit all the required materials on this checklist at the same time.

You cannot submit partial materials at different points in time. Failure to do so will result in the return of your application and possible forfeit of the $250 application processing fee. Course materials can be sent electronically, by mail or fax. If you have any questions, please e-mail

Please add  e-mail address to your e-mail contacts (Microsoft Outlook, etc.) to enable receipt of correspondence from ABPMP Education Services. This will avoid ABPMP correspondence from being sent to company SPAM filters, or other e-mail security filters.

Application Checklist (PDF)

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