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Starting a Chapter
Chapter Levels for ABPMP

ABPMP is an all volunteer organization this means that most ABPMP chapters are operated by volunteers, specifically in the U.S., were chapters are considered non-profit entities under the parent organization based on U.S. laws.  ABPMP Non-U.S. Chapters have the option to operate as non-profits or for-profit organizations based on what works best for each country.  ABPMP International Chapters are designated by ABPMP International as affiliated chapters and include various Revenue Sharing opportunities.  Any existing international organizations that wishes to partner with ABPMP will be considered and if approved registered as an ABPMP affiliate chapter and will be offered a package of Revenue Sharing opportunities.

ABPMP Chapter designations are listed below for both U.S. and Non-U.S.A. locations

Association of Business Process Management Professional International

  • Founded by a group of individuals that wanted to professionalize the work of Process Professionals
  • Developed the first worldwide release of a BPM Common Body of Knowledge (learn more & buy)
  • Developed the first comprehensive worldwide independent BPM Professional Certification (learn more)

ABPMP International Chapter Objectives

  • Provide forums for business process management professionals
  • Proctor the CBPP® exam
  • Provide study groups for the CBPP® exam
  • Provide programs of continuing professional education
  • Promote business process management as a professional discipline
  • Provide a forum for networking for BPM professionals

ABPMP Level 1 Chapters

  • Members can start as a level 1 chapter as a way to have their country, province or city recognized by ABPMP
  • Level 1 chapters require 1 to 2 volunteer ABPMP registered members that can commit up to 1 hour per month
  • Level 1 chapters will have a standard ABPMP Website page on the ABPMP website
  • Level 1 chapters will post a minimum of 1 BPM discussion topic in the ABPMP LinkedIn Forum per month
  • Promote and strive to achieve the overall ABPMP Chapter objectives at each ABPMP Chapter Level

ABPMP Level 2 Chapters

  • All of Level 1 requirements (minimum of 2 chapter volunteer members)
  • Level 2 chapters will conduct 4 teleconference via (SKYPE) on a BPM Topic from the BPM CBOK per year

ABPMP Level 3 Chapters

  • All of Level 2 requirements (the 4 teleconferences can be replaced with the webinars)
  • Level 3 chapters are required to have a minimum of 3 volunteer members supporting the chapter
  • Level 3 chapters will conduct 5 webinar presentations on a BPM Topic from the BPM CBOK per year

ABPMP Level 4 Chapters

  • All of Level 3 requirements (webinars will be replaced by live in-person meetings in a sponsored facility)
  • Level 4 chapters are required to have a minimum of 4 volunteer members each a designated officer
  • Level 4 Chapters will host educational BPM workshops at a designated facility up to 6 times per year
  • Level 4 Chapters will partner with their local ABPMP Registered Training Providers to promote BPM Training
  • Level 4 Chapters will partner with Universities to establish student-driven BPM Groups connected to chapters  
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Chapter Designations

Chapter Types

Volunteer Members Required

Activity Requirements

Start a Chapter

Level 1 1 to 2

Focus on establishing a presence in the members country or city via LinkedIn Discussions and managing the ABPMP Website page for their country or city.  Also engaged in promoting ABPMP in their country through networking with universities, training providers, bpm technology vendors, consulting companies and existing organizations.

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Level 2 2 to 3

Focus on expanding the chapters activities by doing the level 1 activities, plus hosting teleconference BPM discussions based on the ABPMP BPM CBOK

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Level 3 3 to 4

Focused on expanding the chapters activities by performing the level 2 activities, plus hosting video-based webinars (workshops)

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Level 4 4+

Level 4 Chapters perform all level 3 activities, plus engage in all activities related to achieving the ABPMP Chapter objectives.  Level 4 Chapters MUST have designated officers as defined in the ABPMP Chapter Bylaws.

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Level 5 5+

Existing BPM related organizations that wish to be affiliated with ABPMP are accorded a level 5 status and focus on the join promotion of the ABPMP International mission and objectives, plus collaborates with ABPMP on local events.

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