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How to Boost Marketing Efficiency in Business

Posted By Rachel Jollie, Friday, July 17, 2020
Updated: Tuesday, July 21, 2020

No matter if you are operating as a sole trader or as the CEO of a multinational corporation, efficiency should be one of the critical foundations of your marketing strategy. An efficient marketing strategy enables you to get more done in less time, get products to market quicker, and prevents errors and duplicated work, which all comes together to save your business money. Unfortunately, many marketing teams do not realize that they are working inefficiently, and even when they do, it is often difficult to know how to improve or get out from under a mountain of admin.

This is frequently due to a disconnect between what the business is trying to achieve and its marketing activities, a lack of clear strategy, and too much time and money invested in the wrong marketing channels. Here are some essential tips to help you boost marketing efficiency in your business.

Have a clear plan

If a marketing professional or team does not have a clear plan in place, other teams or individuals in the business may begin to steer them off course and away from their objectives. It is essential to plan for the year ahead (financial or calendar), which aligns with the business’ plan. What does the business need to achieve, and how can marketing activities support those objectives ? Look back at what was done and what was achieved in the past to work out what you will take forward into the year ahead, and how you will track and measure success.

Analyze and review your processes

You also need to have a plan in place for how you will review your marketing strategy and processes. From providing your team or external agencies with briefs, managing the creative process, enforcing deadlines to signing off on a project, how you will manage each step is essential to ensure efficiency. You should ensure that each stage of the process is assigned to someone who understands that they have responsibility for that aspect of the project.

Outsource to the experts

No one is an expert in all aspects of digital marketing. If you have the wrong people attempting to manage tasks that they are not experienced in or comfortable with, then you may be missing opportunities for growth. A project which is taking someone a whole day to complete could be finished in a third of the time by an external agency, freeing up that employee to work on what they do excel in. For example, Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or content marketing is often given to external agencies. A PPC agency such as Made by Factory can help you to create a successful digital advertising strategy that is bespoke for your business.

Improve communication

If your team does not understand what their colleagues are working on, you will end up with errors and duplicated work, which wastes time and energy and will eventually eat away at morale. Try to organize regular catch-up meetings to make sure everyone is up to speed and focused on the same objectives. These meetings do not have to happen every day or take long and can take place virtually via meeting software.

Concentrate on what works

The most efficient marketing teams are those who learn from mistakes and double down on their wins. Do not spend time managing multiple social media platforms when only one or two of them are bringing in inquiries or leading to sales. Marketing personas can help when trying to identify your target customers so you can focus on creating campaigns and content which appeal to them. This will enable you to improve your marketing ROI by focusing on what brings value to the business.



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Adapting Traditional Business to the Evolving Tech Environment

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Even traditional businesses like real estate, dentistry and mining are being forced to adapt to ground-breaking technology that has changed almost everything about our world. In the new digital environment, it can be difficult for traditional businesses to adapt properly, but this is a mistake. The internet 2.0 has changed the way all businesses interact with the public and each other and opened doors that businesses need to ensure their own survival.

Improving Every Face

Technology can improve every facet of a company, from how they interact with customers to the experiences of their employees. Companies that focus on customer experiences are using data and analytic-driven models to help them serve the needs of their customer base in real time. Even owners of shopping malls are picking up on their visitor’s movements and more to adapt their layout effectiveness.

Employee experience (EX) is becoming much more important to businesses in all sectors. EX looks to improve how employees work and how they feel about their work in order to increase productivity. Integrating office phone calls with mobile phones is a good example. According to this grasshopper review , grasshopper’s incoming call service uses tech to eliminate the need of an operator and receptionist, facilitating remote work and improving cost-efficiency.

Mitigating Risks

Many businesses are aware that things need to change in the face of the digital revolution, but one of the most crucial reasons it’s so important to adapt the business properly is that using tech without a strategy can pose unintended risks that can create serious and even existential threats.

There’s competitive risk – developing tech solutions and deploying tech services requires demonstrated cost benefits to justify any spending of capital. Rewards must be balanced with the potential risk, which could include accidentally entering an expensive channel to compete in. If you want to get involved in social media, you might find yourself competing with people on the platform you choose without a clear indication of ROI or cost benefits.

There is also operational risk – investing in new tech can interfere with organizational principles of your business, like company culture, training and talent. This might lead to you to invest in change management , which is worth it but only if you are sure that this new technology holds importance in your company’s future. It’s also important to consider that technologies become obsolete within 2 to 5 years.

There’s the existential risk of cybersecurity, too. In the information technology environment, the corporate enterprise network and business applications can be compromised by hackers. If they can access your data , you can lose customer trust permanently. If they can access your finances, you might find your bank completely empty one morning. That’s why it’s so important to use proper cybersecurity protection. Hackers can also interfere with the operational technology environment – cyber vandalism can involve exploiting a weakness in a piece of tech that you need for operation (e.g. a smart air-con system) and wreak havoc, impacting productivity as well as employee trust and security.

Adapting to the evolving tech environment is therefore less about benefits. It should be easy to identify benefits of a tech product, but it is vital that you vet all risks and prepare their mitigation.


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How to Gain More Clients as a Business

Posted By Administration, Monday, June 29, 2020

Clients are everything to a business because, without them, you can’t hope to make money. A business should constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to grow their client base and attract new attention in order to learn and thrive.

That being said, don’t underestimate the power of loyal, returning customers. It can be very worthwhile to concentrate on existing customers than neglect them in order to seek out potential new sales. The trick is to get a balance of both, but if you’re just starting out and developing your client base from scratch, then here are some of the best techniques to gain more clients in business.

Always Follow Up On Inquiries

If you’ve attracted enough attention to have a potential client place an inquiry with you, then you should always follow up if you haven’t heard back from them. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a general question about your product or service or has extended as far as to provide a quotation for the client in question.

There’s always the possibility that the client is very busy and needs a gentle nudge, or maybe all it takes is you reaching out to help them come to a decision to place an order with you. There’s nothing wasted in following up with inquiries and the potential for a new order.

Utilize Trade Shows

Having a booth at a trade show is the perfect opportunity to garner new interest and show off exactly what you can do. It’s an ideal location for showing off your products and interacting in a positive and professional way with potential clients.

When planning your trade show appearance, you will need to make sure that everything looks top quality and professional, but is also eye-catching enough to help you to stand out from the other booths in the vicinity.

It’s, therefore, a good idea to deal with a professional company who specializes in this type of display work to match you up with the best booth design and products, such as screen displays or pop up displays.  

Try to Push Any Referrals

Even if clients are thrilled with the service they received from you and want to promote you to other people, there is still a risk that they won’t, whether they forget, get distracted with other responsibilities, or simply decide not to.

Reaching out to encourage a referral is a crucial step to getting one. It’s a good idea to do this via email, as emails sent to clients following a successful order can outline your gratitude and also kindly request a review and referral. Clients are more likely to refer you when prompted, rather than deciding to do it off their own bat.

Use Social Media

Social media is an essential tool for reaching out to your target market and gaining the attention of new customers. Being present on social media also makes it a lot easier for loyal customers to share your content and speak positively about you to gain interest that way, too.

Social media is a great platform to show off how positive, helpful and professional you are, by utilizing public commenting systems and initiating conversations, so that potential customers can openly see how you interact with people and how you deal with problems or inquiries.

Posting regular, informative, and engaging content is a must for any business looking to drive more traffic to their business website and hopefully gain more sales.

Try Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to gain a leg up by reaching out to the existing audience of an alternative site or brand. When guest blogging, you should look for opportunities to post for those audiences who would be interested in your product and service. Guest blogging can help to share your expertise with a new range of clients, and hopefully engage them enough to come and research into your own brand and site.

Develop a Lead Generation Strategy

Understanding lead generation is essential for businesses and reaching new clients. You need to plan effectively the type of people you are looking for, and how to specifically reach out to them. An example of this could be a targeted marketing campaign sent via email or a targeted post via social media or on your website.

Always Look for Networking Opportunities

Never neglect networking opportunities, as they are valuable in more ways than one. Not only can they help you to get the word out about your business to prospective clients, but they can also help you to develop professional business relationships with other contacts or companies who may be able to help you or offer advice.

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Management Strategies How to Make Flash Sales Work to Your Advantage

Posted By Administration, Friday, May 8, 2020

As a manager of an e-commerce business, it’s up to you to make the decisions that shape the future of the business, help it to move forward, grow, and achieve all its goals. In other words, there is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders when it comes to choosing and implementing effective management strategies. Each strategy is chosen with a specific goal or purpose in mind and this is what helps to shape the various steps and processes taken.

If you’ve been looking to create buzz around your products and company, increase sales in a short amount of time, build your customer base, and even re-engage with existing customers, then a flash sale can end up being a great management strategy. But how do you ensure that the flash sale works to your advantage? How do you ensure there are no negatives that come out of it? Here are some tips that will make sure the flash sale is a positive for your company.



Make Sure You’re Creating Buzz

The whole idea behind a flash sale is to generate buzz, excitement, and then a large number of sales in a short period of time. However, that buzz isn’t going to be created on its own – it’s up to you to get the ball moving. So how do you generate buzz and ensure that people actually take part in the flash sale? This is where advertising comes into play.

Ideally, you’re going to want to advertise the flash sale at least 24 hours in advance. You don’t want to start advertising it too early, as you don’t want people to forget about it. You can send out an email newsletter blast to existing customers, post a banner about the sale on your website’s homepage, and of course post information to all your social networks.



Ensure It’s a Deal

You also need to make sure that the flash sale is a deal – meaning it’s a product that people will want at a great price. Trying to blow out inventory that was never popular or old typically isn’t going to result in a great flash sale experience. Customers want to feel as though they are getting an incredible deal, a once-in-a-lifetime deal if you will.


Use the Sale to Attract New Customers

Flash sales will most definitely appeal to your existing customers, but as experts explain, flash sales are also a great way to attract brand new customers. This limited-time offering is a great way to draw newbies in to try out your products without the regular priced commitment. You’ll already be seen in a positive light for the deal, so this is an opportunity to build on opening that door and convert that new customer into a loyal customer.

How can this be done? You need to make sure the flash sale runs smoothly; the checkout experience is fast, simple, and secure; the site is quick and loads fine; that you have inventory availability; and that shipping is fast and worry-free.


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How To Get More From Your Team As A Business Leader

Posted By Administration, Friday, March 13, 2020

As a business leader, it is important that you know how to get the most out of your team so that the business can run to a high standard each day. This can be challenging when you have a large workforce and people will have different levels of motivation each day, but the best leaders will always know how to keep each member and whole teams engaged and willing to put in the work each day. In addition to helping the business, this will also create a productive work atmosphere which everyone can benefit from and will encourage people to work hard each day. Here are a few tips that should help.


Give Regular Feedback

It is hard for employees to feel valued and motivated each day if you do not provide regular, honest feedback. This can help you to show your appreciation for their hard work while also helping them to improve in certain areas.


Set Goals

The best business leaders will use goal-setting as an effective tool to get more from individual employees and teams. This can be highly effective, but you must make sure that the goals are in both the short and long-term, achievable but also challenging. Additionally, all goals should be celebrated and rewarded once they are achieved.


Show That You Care

One area that many business leaders struggle with is striking a balance between being a friend to employees and the boss. You certainly need to show an interest in staff and that you care about them, but you must also be a leader first so work needs to come before anything else and you need to make sure that you maintain a professional image. You can show staff that you care by:

-   Engaging in conversation

-   Listening to their feedback

-   Providing flexible working hours/remote working

-   Celebrating life achievements

-   Help them to achieve career goals


Create A Welcoming Space

You cannot expect people to be motivated if they do not have a welcoming, stylish and comfortable workspace. This should involve having a high-quality and attractive entrance mat from a specialist like First Mats - this will help you to maintain a professional image and allow work to arrive feeling productive and ready to work to a high standard (it is also helpful for impressing visitors to your business).


Use Role Variation

People can easily get bored and frustrated if they come into work each day and they are asked to do the same thing. This is why it is a smart idea to use role variation to keep staff engaged and motivated to perform and there are lots of ways to do this, including projects, collaboration, training and new responsibilities. Additionally, it is helpful if you can allow staff to progress their careers within your company so that they will not look elsewhere when they get bored or ready to progress.

Follow these tips and you should start to get more out of your team on a daily basis. This will help the company to grow but it will also create a productive work environment and keep everyone happy and engaged. 

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