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What Can I Use Bitcoin For BDM

Posted By Administration, Monday, April 30, 2018

The business world is struggling to keep up with the growth of interest in cryptocurrency, and that's largely down to not really understanding what it is or how it works. If you’re a business owner, then you’re no doubt wondering just how or even if you should be using Bitcoin at any level of your company management. However, once you’ve established even a basic understanding of the technology, then you’ll no doubt start to realize just what the benefits are and how you can be using them to not only make your customer experience easier, but also gain you a number of extraneous benefits as well. Bitcoin is growing exponentially, and your business can benefit from this growth.

As an investment

More people are buying or mining Bitcoin every day, and if it takes off as much as some suspect that it will, then the future of Bitcoin could continue to be very fruitful indeed. Hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz was recently interviewed on CNN and said that “I would put it in the same category of revolutionary new technologies like the internet.” When the experts are talking about cryptocurrency in such optimistic ways, then it would be foolish not to be looking more closely at just what is possible.

Getting Places

There have been a few attempts to integrate Bitcoin more seamlessly into the business world, and those attempts have met with a variety of successes. One of the most important elements is that of travel, with flight travel being one of the many possibilities of use when it comes to cryptocurrency. If you travel to meet new clients or suppliers, then you could make use of Expedia, CheapAir or Surf Air to buy your travel tickets to anywhere, all with Bitcoin payments available as an option. Once you are at your destination, you won’t have any issues spending your Bitcoins either, and everything from pizza to Bjork albums can all be purchased using the most popular cryptocurrency on the market.

What you’ll need

Before you start to make use of Bitcoin, you’re going to need some of your own. You could choose to go for the time-heavy process of mining the coins themselves, or you could opt for the far simpler and more common way of obtaining the currency, which is simply to buy some. Once you have your Bitcoins, you need a wallet, and there a number of companies that offer this service. One option is Wirex, who not only provide you with a Bitcoin wallet but also have peripheral options like Bitcoin payment cards that can be used almost anywhere. You may also want to make use of a ‘cold wallet,’ which is a simple way to boost your security protocols.

Whether as a consumer yourself or as a business, there are a growing number of ways to use Bitcoin, and those outlet numbers are growing every day. As more businesses take advantage of the benefits of cryptocurrency, only those who are willing to fall behind are ignoring the potential.

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3 unexpected business dangers (and how to tackle them)

Posted By Administration, Friday, April 27, 2018

Throughout the day-to-day running of your business, you eventually hit an issue that is outside of your normal working parameters; something unexpected, which is, therefore, unplanned. It can be difficult to tackle unpredictable business issues because while resolving them, you run the danger of neglecting your usual focus. This, in turn, leads to further complications and you are left with a spiraling problem that could ultimately result in the loss of your profit margin or even the company in total. Although planning against the unpredictable is by its very nature impossible, there are always solutions that you can take advantage of that will secure your future and see you make it through the dangerous period.

Legal issues

Whether it’s a staff member injured through incomplete training, a data breach that affects your customers or even a simple unsatisfied customer, unexpected legal issues can break a company. In this age of litigation, it is all too easy to fall victim to outside influences and every business has to make sure that they are covered in every way. Of course, bigger companies will have their own legal department and a team of lawyers ready to challenge, but for most smaller businesses, that’s simply not an option. The key to resolution for most cases is to remain proactive, whether that means ensuring staff training is up to date at all times or simply taking the time to follow up on customer complaints before it goes too far.

Standing still

Moving forward is the only way to run a business, and it is only through growth that we can turn our businesses into success stories. Often this can mean hiring more staff, leasing a larger premises or simply investing in a new marketing strategy. It can include updating any current technology such as your Credit Card Processing terminals and software. If your budget is a concern, there are a number of loan types available through companies, and you may find that a small loan will make the difference between beating the competition or falling by the wayside. By failing to grow, whether that be your online presence, your customer after-care or even just an increase in production of your product, it is all too easy to lose new customers, and you need to make sure that you take advantage of the available options.

Operational flaws

As your business changes over time due to technology improvements or staff changes, it can be too easy to learn how to manage with ongoing issues. Humans are very adaptable, and we can cope if a piece of office equipment always needs turning off and on again before it will work, or a factory tool is in constant need of replacement. However, dealing with these operational issues in this way never makes the problem go away, and they can end up as a major issue if ignored. Making sure that functionality is at optimum levels throughout every working day, and making certain that every single area of your business is working to the best of its ability, is the only way to keep costs down and profits up.

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Why Hire a Writer

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, April 24, 2018

No matter what your business, the written word is not dead. Unfortunately, many online businesses cast aside the importance of well-written blogs, carefully curated product descriptions and engaging Facebook posts because they think that their product, brand, or service can sell on its merits alone. This is often not the case and the length to which businesses can benefit from the services of a professional writer are staggering.

#1: Why Should I Hire a Writer?

Written content is inescapable – no matter where you go on the internet, you are going to see it. On social media, websites, company blogs and even YouTube videos there is a huge impact from professionally written content and scripts. To keep up with the latest trends in digital and content marketing, your business must be regularly publishing content which is engaging, valuable and consistent. It is for these very reasons why it truly does pay to have a dedicated writer or two in your contacts list who you can call upon when you need fresh content.

There are many different types of writer available and every single niche you can think of will be covered by at least one writer. If you are looking for a freelancer to complete work on an ad hoc basis, there are websites such as Freelancer. If you would like to bring somebody in-house, an agency such as Your Content Shop may be your best shout.

#2: Writing is a Skill

You may think that most people have what it takes to be a good writer, however, that simply is not true. Writing is a true skill which takes years of practical experience to get to a professional level. Unless you are running some form of writing agency yourself, chances are that you will need to rely on a professional writer to produce your brand’s written content. It is nothing to be ashamed of - you do and focus on what you are good at, running your business; leave the writing to the professionals. 

#3: Things to Look For

When you are considering an individual writer or writing agency, there are a few things you should be looking out for. Whilst a college education is indicative of skill, it is not a necessity; most freelance writers are not educated to this level.

Prioritize a good portfolio and practical experience over a formal education and look for a writer whose style and tone fits your business. Ensure that the person or people you are hiring have a passion for writing. It is easy to go wrong when hiring a writer and ensuring they tick all of these boxes will help separate the wheat from the chaff.

 A good writer is a hugely important part of any modern business. The internet runs off well-written, well-researched and well-curated content, and businesses who understand and incorporate this into their operations are the ones who find that success comes much easier online. The web is a competitive market and you need to stand out in every way possible, this includes having high-quality written content on your website, no matter what your business. 

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Ensure Your Company’s Finances Are Running Smoothly

Posted By Administration, Thursday, April 12, 2018

The financial stability of your business is paramount to its success. Without the money to back it up, your business is no more than an idea. For those entrepreneurs whose ideas have flourished into a business, it’s important to keep the company’s finances the priority. It can be achieved through relationships with investors, ensuring you have an accounting department and keeping the company organized overall. The financial stability of the company will not only ensure the business runs smoothly but that it retains employees. After all, it’s the employees that make up the business and further its success. For more information about keeping your business’ financial stability top of mind, continue reading.

Investor and funding

No matter the business, investor relations are crucial to maintaining the company’s financial health. Unless you have the wealth to back up the business yourself, which is the exception to the rule, your company needs investors. It’s important for companies to learn how to maintain strong investor relations, and one way of doing so is staying in constant contact with them. Don’t only approach your investors when there is a financial crisis, as this will make them feel like ATMs. Moreover, act like you are big business. You must first believe in the success of your business before convincing investors to believe in it. Keeping investors in the loop, especially with the company success, will let them see the company’s potential and could even lead to further growth. Bank loans are yet another type of funding for your business, though, this too, means the bank is investing in your business.


Maintaining an accounting department will make sure that the company finances are being constantly tracked. This department can inform the company when financial changes are required. The accounting team is responsible for the money going in and out of the company. Furthermore, this department is in charge of employee’s salaries. Paying employees via wire transfers is the role of accounting. They can determine whether a wire transfer or an ACH transaction is more beneficial and what choosing one over the other means. Therefore, every company to have an accounting team.

Staying Organized


Smart entrepreneurs stay organized. As one example, you need to keep on top of your goals. Don’t lose sight of them for your company’s success. When there are a lot of tasks, take the similar activities and do them as a batch. Answer your emails all at once and then focus your attention on another task. Prioritize each day what must be done first and go from there. Try not overwhelm yourself with too many tasks in a day, as this will lead to chaos. Another tip for entrepreneurs to stay organized is delegating tasks. Know when there is too much to do and get people to help you out. Doing so will ensure there is no backlog of tasks and no one person is too overwhelmed. Staying organized will further ensure the financial stability of your company as tasks are being completed and the business progresses.

For a company to expand and succeed, its financial well-being is incredibly important. While entrepreneurs are responsible for starting the company, they must realize that they require assistance to keep the company running smoothly. One of the most crucial areas of assistance is financial, as a financially stable company leads to a successful company. Investors and an accounting team are two necessary factors for financial wellbeing. Lastly, entrepreneurs must learn to stay organized. When facing any turmoil, an organized company will run much better than one where everyone is in chaos.

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Using Processes and Standard Operating Procedures to Remove the Guesswork from Employee Performance

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, April 10, 2018

For true business success, it’s important to focus on the processes within the business to improve overall performance. Similarly, with an administrative focus, the core back-office part of the organization gets attended to which ensures everything keeps humming along.

Here are a few of the ways that using processes and standard operating procedures helps make employee performance more predictable.

Systemization Stops Staff Winging It

Creating reliable systems using a standard operating procedure (SOP) that provides clear instructions for employees to follow reduces random errors. Whether staff are sharing a desk, doing shift work, work from home or they’re a freelancer handling a few tasks on behalf of the company, when there’s an SOP to follow, confusion disappears. Staff have a reference to refer to and follow whether their predecessor still works for the company or not.

Standard Operating Procedures Protect the Business

Standard operating procedures protect the business from the loss of key personnel who take their working knowledge of the department’s systems with them. Whether they change companies, retire or are forced out, when there are detailed SOP’s, the company is covered.

Let’s face it, disgruntled employees are not going to want to train their replacement if they’re not leaving of their own accord. So, having a record of processes and procedures avoids a tense situation getting worse. New employees don’t have to learn from the departing staff how to do their job. There’s another way.

What Should Be Contained in a Work Instruction?

The work instructions for a role should break down each significant task to the actions required to complete it. Use the assumption that there’s no one present to teach the new member of staff or person with a fresh promotion what to do in their new position. Any documentation should be approached from this perspective while factoring in the likely experience of someone in the role, i.e. don’t teach them how to do things they should know already.

While documentation is useful, walkthrough videos are often the fastest way to get someone up to speed on how to complete a detailed or complex task. This is especially true for tasks that are completed on a computer without an offline or manual component to them.

Administrators Keep Back-Office Operations Humming

Along with standard operating procedures, the administrators in the business ensure important tasks get completed. Without these detail-oriented knowledge workers, pretty soon the company would begin to have operational difficulties. They dot the i’s and cross the t’s in the background and are only noticed when laying the law down.

A good example of administration in action is the role of a healthcare administrator. This is about leadership, maintaining ethics in the organization, making strong strategic decisions for the long-term gain, and measuring performance across the organization. When a healthcare facility lacks a healthcare administrator, it won’t be long before they run into difficulties because they’re like a ship without a rudder. Incidentally, studying the Boston College MHA opens the door to a career as a healthcare administrator which is emotionally rewarding and pays well too.

Combining the benefits of carefully chosen processes and reliable standard operating procedures ensures employees have what they need to push ahead with confidence. Backed by solid administration at the corporate level provides a solid foundation to ensure the company doesn’t drop the ball while looking forward towards growth. To be successful, a business must strike the balance between their administration, process management and support for their employees, so they can do what they’re being paid for. 

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