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5 Ways That You Can Stand Out From Your Competitors In The World of Business

Posted By Justin Borden, Thursday, November 9, 2017
Updated: Monday, November 13, 2017

In the cutthroat world of business, it is vital that you always have the edge over your competitors. This will help you to protect your client base and to corner your area of the market. In order to succeed, you will have to aim higher than your industry peers. You will need to embrace innovative approaches to boosting your brand, running your business, and retaining your clients. If you are determined to come out on top, you will need to read on. Below are five ways that you can stand out from your competitors in the world of business.

Narrow your focus

When you are in the early stages of running your business, it is vital that you stay focused. Instead of pushing your brand onto a wide range of people, try to establish a specific audience; this will help you to establish a loyal following, and it will also help you to create a strong brand with a clear message. Then, when your business begins to find success, you can think about expanding your horizons.

Take an ethical approach to business

Adopting an ethical approach, in the corporate world, is a fantastic way for you to make sure that your business always stands out. Even if you offer the same service and prices, like your competitors, strong ethics are likely to appeal to anyone with a moral conscience. If you do decide to take this approach, you will need to ensure that your company ethics are an integral part of your branding. You will also need to avoid any situations with the potential to compromise your moral position, as this could result in a public relations disaster.

Engage with your customers

Make sure that you engage with your customers on a regular basis. This will ensure that your brand is firmly on their radar. Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to involve a lot of effort. Instead, you can rely on marketing automation to do the hard work for you. This free, and easy to use, software platform has the ability to automate your digital marketing activities. It can handle a wide range of tasks that are essential to interacting with your clients.

Add faces and names to your business

Another option is to embrace the personal touch. Why not add faces and names to your business? This will increase your chances of establishing customer loyalty. You could include staff profiles on your website, or you could create a database that documents employee interactions with clients. Then, when a client gets in contact with your business, you can make sure that they are always talking to the same person.

Make powerful guarantees

When you are marketing your business, you should try to find a powerful guarantee that you can make to your customers. For instance, you could offer a complete refund for any dissatisfied clients. Or, you could provide free delivery for orders over a certain price. Going the extra mile will really help you to stand above your competitors.  

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Qualities Every Business Leader Should Portray

Posted By Justin Borden, Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Updated: Monday, November 13, 2017

It’s not easy doing your job well and being a leader. Becoming a strong leader takes time, extra effort and patience. You can’t expect to be a trailblazer overnight, but that doesn’t mean you should give up trying. 

That’s why it’s important to gain experience, read inspiring articles and network with people who you see as a role model. These actions will help guide you in the right direction. Working at it will be well worth the reward when you look in the mirror one day and realize you’ve become the goal you set out to be, a strong and stable leader. See qualities every business leader should portray.


Having integrity is about being open and honest in all situations. Leaders with integrity don’t lie to their customers and put others in difficult situations. Attempting to run a business without the right education, training and licensing is dishonest and will likely ruin any chance you have at becoming a leader in your industry. Aim to be reliable and upright in all interactions. A professional demeanor, the right background and education and being a stickler for the truth will get you a lot further in your career than being sneaky.

Project Management Abilities

A leader should know how to run a business project and deliver results. You should be able to problem solve and find solutions quickly. For example, you could suggest using a Google keyword planner if your team’s looking to improve the company’s search rankings. This tool helps find high volume terms that relate to your primary keyword. Being in charge means your coworkers depend on you to guide them and offer up ideas that they can then run with on their own. Take time to create a strategy, assign tasks and layout a plan for getting to your end goal.

Positive Attitude

Leaders can be annoying because they always seem to have a positive attitude. While it may be frustrating to you, it’s what makes them a leader and how they’ve been able to succeed for so long. It’s inevitable that problems will occur in business and at work. The difference is in how people handle the difficulties and if they work to find a solution. A leader won’t let a hiccup get them down. They’ll put a smile on their face and rally the employees to help them come up with a resolution that will get the company back on track. They do this over and over again, because they know negativity will only hold them back. Leaders rely on a positive attitude to help them find solutions to complex problems and don’t give up when the waters are rough.


Communication is key to succeeding in the business world. You have to be able to communicate with customers, different departments and establish rules, procedures and strategies that others understand and can abide by. Without the proper dialogue, messages get lost in the mix and mistakes occur. You have to be able to adjust your tone and demeanor depending upon who within the company, or outside of the company, you’re dealing with at any given time. The ability to enhance business processes and improve the current landscape takes strategic communication and patience. You need to be clear, concise and direct, so that you get your message across without sounding apprehensive or aggressive. Keeping ideas to yourself, or not having the skills to talk through a concept will slow progress and hurt the company as a whole.


A good leader knows how to delegate. They don’t need to micromanage or refuse to let go of work assignments that no longer belong to them. A leader knows how to manage their employees, so everyone’s busy with their own projects and not sitting around bored or frustrated. You have to know when to release control if you want to be a strong leader. A good leader wants to see their staff and subordinates improve and advance. Delegation is part of the job, and it’s what’s going to free up more of your time so you can focus on the business strategy and turning a profit.


You have to be flexible in a leadership position. The business world is always changing, and you have to be ready for all possibilities. It’s not going to work out well if you’re always fighting the natural flow of the business world and trying to keep it all the same. Change is good, and it often happens when you’re working in a busy industry. Remain flexible and make decisions based on the information that’s in front of you. Avoid living too much in the past or future if you want to do what’s best for the company. Although it’s smart to have a documented strategy and business plan, keep in mind that there will likely be the need for tweaks and adjustments. 


Collaborating is essential in the business world, and anyone who wants to be a leader needs to know how to do it. A good leader involves the staff in the process planning stage and gets their opinions on how to move forward. This makes them feel like part of the team and are, therefore, less likely to offer any resistance to the new business processes. A leader has to have the agility to collaborate with many different groups of people at work. The fact that a person in a high position is willing to collaborate with others sets a good example for the staff, and there’s a certain tone that trickles down to the various departments.


Anyone has the opportunity to work hard and become a leader. It takes dedication, education and a positive attitude to keep moving in the right direction. You can’t be afraid to fail or make mistakes when you want to move up in your career and advance your skills. This is how you learn and grow. Use these tips for knowing what you should be aiming for as you strive to achieve this goal. These are qualities every business leader should portray. 

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How to Increase Employee Retention and Loyalty

Posted By Administration, Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Small businesses need their employees to care about their success. Loyal employees are ones who align their success and their goals with your company, and they’re the ones who love working for you and love the company itself. To keep these great employees, you need to reward them. This means improving their work environment and giving them the inclination to stay with you. Here are five suggestions to increase both employee loyalty and employee retention:

1.      Improve Their Work Environment

When someone enjoys the space where they work, they enjoy working more. This means having a work environment that is both attractive and safe. Make your office space bright, airy, and even try to add in plants so that the air remains fresh and clean. Have both safety protocols and workplace harassment protocols in place to make the work environment safer. This means that whether someone has been physical hurt or harassed, your employees know what action they can take.

2.      Offer a Better Break

Taking a break can make your employees more productive. Offer a better break by having free coffee, tea, and other snacks that boost energy for them always. Offer your employees a means to make or prepare their food from home to make their lunch break better. Encourage your employees to eat healthy and save money – two things that they will be grateful for.

3.      Ensure They Have a Future with You

No one wants to work a dead-end job, which is why upon hiring you need to make it clear to your employees that they, if they work hard, have a future with your company. This means promotions and pay increases will provided to those that have the right skills and commitment levels, and new, higher positions will always consider their current employees before they hire from the outside.

4.      Be Upfront

Being an honest, genuine employer will get you a lot of respect from your employees. This means having systems and protocols that are fair and work. It means treating your employees with respect, either by complimenting and rewarding them fairly or criticizing them constructively when they need it. It means paying your employees what they’re owed. Have your employees use a paystub generator so that your records are accurate and everyone believes that they’re being paid fairly.

5.      Reward Them

Promotions and pay rise increases should be standard rewards for committed, hard work. You can – and should – however, reward your employees in other ways as well. Bring in lunch for them every once in a while, host company parties, offer an extra day off to make a long weekend, or any other small reward you can think of. When your employees do a good job, make sure that they know that you recognize their achievements. Even something as small as an email thanking them for their hard work will go a long way.

Your employees are talented people who are making your business succeed. When these employees are great at what they do, you want to keep them around for as long as possible. Make a great work environment that your employees enjoy being in and one where they can succeed in, and you’ll keep the best employees in your company.  

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Taking a More High Tech Approach At Your Legal Practice

Posted By Administration, Monday, July 24, 2017

When an attorney makes a request for discovery it can be quite a while before documents start slowly being shared. These files can be incomplete, both accidentally and unintentionally, making it harder for attorneys to prove their cases and causing legal proceedings to be delayed. E-discovery is known throughout the legal industry, but it has not yet been applied by all courtrooms and practices. In order for e discovery to be admitted in a case, a computer expert will usually need to testify to the facts and explain what steps were taken in order to reveal hidden files, trace internet histories, and recall deleted files. Although this form of discovery is new, it is a process that significantly takes the guess work out of difficult legal proceedings. Fewer fact witnesses are necessary when you have authenticated computer data that supports your legal claims.

How is E-Discovery Executed?

Sometimes a court order is needed to complete e-discovery, especially if the computer you want to access is in the possession of an opposing party. Once the targeted computers are in your possession, it is analyzed for the type of data you are searching for. In cases revolving around accused fraud and embezzlement, for example, a computer technician would pay close attention to hidden email addresses and bank accounts that were accessed. Sometimes the data you are seeking has been scrubbed clean, but with e-discovery, it can be recovered.

Is E-Discovery Cost Effective?

Compared to going through physical papers during the discovery process, e-discovery is highly cost effective. Attorneys sifting through paper documents sent by opposing parties have to tabulate everything and find out if everything requested has been accounted for. Paper files can also get mixed up and lost, so a firm might lose time trying to locate extremely important documents that they need to mark as exhibits in court. The results of e-discovery are sent digitally, so there’s no chance that any part of it will go missing.

What Can be Found During E-Discovery?

Your firm may believe that important evidence exists on the computer of a litigant, and thus files a motion for e-discovery. If you are successful, you will find the missing key to your case as well as even more information you never suspected was in existence. Sometimes, going through e-discovery can be enough for opposing counsel to offer a settlement agreement just to avoid having to go into court and answer to a judge. Because e-discovery is not yet widespread, making a request for it can be a very big surprise to a litigant who is hiding crucial evidence.

Keep your desk cleaner and impress your clients by using e-discovery to resolve pending litigation more quickly. Your support staff will also be better able to assist you when they spend less time needing to organize files. E-discovery may not be appropriate for every case, but it can have a huge impact on your law firm as a whole.

Read More On: eDiscovery Services


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How to Ensure Longevity in Your Relationship with Clients

Posted By ABPMP International, Tuesday, July 11, 2017

In business, it is vital to establish a relationship with your clients. However, it is even more important to make sure that these relationships are maintained. The National Association of Small Businesses conducted a survey that explored the concerns of American small business owners in 2015. They found that one of the most popular examples of a challenge to the future growth and survival of businesses was in the decline of customer spending. Indeed, it is common for small businesses to struggle when trying to establish themselves for the long-term. One way to avoid this struggle is through building strong ties between your business and your clients. It is important that this is done cost-effectively, and that money is not thrown away on customer outreach attempts that fall flat. Here are three ways in which you can ensure longevity in your relationship with clients.

Presentation folders

Promoting your business to clients, along with keeping them updated, is a key element of maintaining a strong relationship. Whilst many businesses opt for a door drop marketing strategy, this will do little to help you stand out from the rest. Indeed, you will likely find that your company’s information is at best given a cursory glance, and at worst tossed in the trash. A solution can be found in a4 presentation folders. These folders can be distributed to clients for them to read through at their leisure. Instead of inundating your clients with random resources, all your businesses’ information will be presented as one. This elegant solution will ensure that both your prospective, and existing clients, feel valued because it will appear as though you have taken the time to collate and present the information for them. However, this can all be done through the service, right down to the creasing, folding, and gluing. 

Create a mailing list

It is important to make sure that your clients do not forget about you and your business. Therefore, it makes sense to reach out to them on a number of platforms. Ryan Pinkman wrote for Forbes that “People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Email gives you the ability to build credibility with your audience by sharing helpful and informative content”. Furthermore, by utilizing a combination of physical and digital marketing strategies, you can show that your business operates on multiple levels. You will be demonstrating that you are progressive enough to use online platforms, but dedicated enough to engage with clients on a more personal level.

Promote customer feedback

Some businesses view customer feedback as a hassle, others tolerate it as a necessary evil. However, to maintain your client relationships, you must make sure it is clear just how much you value and even encourage customer feedback. Of course, there are the obvious routes of obtaining this information, but why not go the extra mile? You can hold a live chat feedback session where clients are invited to join in a conversational exploration of your business’s strengths and weaknesses. You could also offer guarantees based on the satisfaction of your clients; for instance, updating your return policies to reflect a genuine concern for customer satisfaction. Even taking the time to write a well-worded letter of response can make all the difference.

Updated on June 21, 2017

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