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How to Successfully Rebrand Your Company and Why

Posted By Administration, Friday, March 23, 2018

Choosing to rebrand your company is a big step because you are changing something that makes your company recognizable to its customers. However, there can be good reasons why you would think a change would be necessary. Rebranding isn’t as easy as it might seem though, it’s more than just changing your logo and design. To make your rebranding a success, follow these simple steps.

Is It Time to Rebrand?

Before you decide to rebrand your company, you need to think about if (and, in turn, why) you need to do so. Just because you have had the same brand for many years, doesn’t automatically mean you need a change. In fact, for big companies, their recognizable design gives them stature and trust with their customers. If, however, you have noticed that you aren’t reaching your target audience, or that your customers are ignoring you, then rebranding could be a good way of putting you back in the spotlight. You need to remember though, that changing your companies brand might not be enough.

Make Brand Promises

The first step in the process is to think about your brand and what it means to your customers. You need to discover what you want your customers to feel about your brand and what you want them to expect. For example, do you want your customers to think quality when seeing your brand, or are you aiming for low cost? Gather a few trusted employees and have a brainstorming session, look at everything your brand stands for, and what you need to do to make your customers feel the same way.

Get Customer Feedback

To find out why your customers are not engaging with your company, you need to ask them. Run a survey and an email campaign to find out what your customers like and dislike about your company. Many big organizations will often do customer surveys; some also offer a reward for their customer's opinions. When you have all the feedback, take some time to look through it all and figure out what’s working and what needs changing.

Develop a Brand Purpose

Customers use a company because it serves a purpose for them or solves a problem. You need to create that same purpose in your brand. Tell your customers what you can do for them and why your company is better than the competition. It could be that your company is higher quality or offers more value. Whatever the message is, your customers and your staff need to believe it.

Be Consistent

Once you have decided to start rebranding, make sure you are consistent across your company. It is important to change all your old branding over to the new design. If you have your new brand on your social media but not your website; then customers will get confused. Spend some time with Canadian web designers to hone your new brand and make your website the centerpiece of the company.

By listening to your customers and being decisive, you can get your company back in the public eye.

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Applying the Principles of Business Process Management to Your Home Life

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Business process management is geared, fairly obviously, towards the improvement of processes in businesses, and as such may not seem directly relevant to your private life. However, if you look at the ways BPM improves operations, reduces costs and increases productivity, you can start to appreciate that the principles of analyzing the way things are done can be applied to your own circumstances.

How does BPM work?

With BPM, you are looking at ways of altering how things are achieved in every aspect of your business, whether it’s logistics, staffing, production or sales. You will be examining the way one application connects with another and be looking for fixes to any problems. The aim is to identify where you need to improve processes within your organization, with the ultimate goal of increasing profits. If you compare this to your private life, there may well be areas that would benefit from the same kind of analysis. More time and more money are the two things most people wish they could have in their lives, and using a BPM approach you could find a little extra of both.

Applying BPM logic to your financial management

If you don’t already have a personal budgeting spreadsheet or tool that helps you keep control of your finances, it’s well worth investing a few hours into getting one set up. It will enable you to identify where you are spending unnecessarily and help you save more. If you have investments, are you using a financial advisor or CPA to maximize your returns? They will be able to point out ways to make and save money that you might not have been aware of, for example using the 1031 exchange system for deferring capital gains tax on property investments. The cost of employing a professional should be more than compensated for by the savings and returns they recommend for you.

Applying BPM logic to your time management

It won’t be much fun for your family if you sit them all down and start doing a detailed time and motion study on every minute of their day, but what you can do is look at where there might be problem areas in your routine that are causing difficulties. For example, if you struggle to fit in picking the kids up from school with doing the grocery shopping or getting to the gym, look at your schedule and see if you can reorganize your day to accommodate everything more efficiently. You could have a number of options available to you, including after-school clubs that give you an hour to fit in a visit to the store or a workout before collecting the kids. Perhaps, it could be sorting out alternative pick-up arrangements, or going to the gym together and finding a way you can all enjoy some exercise like a cycle ride after school. It could mean a more radical change like employing some home help to free up time for other activities, or maybe change to ordering your groceries online and having them delivered.

The methods you choose to apply will depend on your circumstances, priorities, and finances, but wherever there is a problem, there is usually a way to overcome it if you look at it objectively.

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Investment Opportunity Ideas

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Whether you recently came into some money, or have been saving up for a while, many people hate the thought of their savings sitting in a bank earning minimal interest. A great way that you can earn interest on your money, while being able to do something constructive with it, is to invest it. There are lots of different ways that you can invest your money, from creating a more secure future for yourself, to getting involved in exciting up and coming projects or new companies.

However, some investment opportunities come with more risks than others and, although it often may be true that the higher the risk, the greater the payout, you will have to consider which ventures you would be comfortable becoming involved in, and which might be too high stakes. Here are a few different ideas of possible investment opportunities that might work for you.


Investing in property is a great way to invest if you are new to the game, as there are lots of different ways for you to do this. If you have considered moving to a new home, a great investment project would be to renovate and update your current home, in order to increase its market value. However, you should be aware that this will only be worth doing if property market prices are on the rise, and houses in your area are selling well. If you are considering this, it would be worth getting advice from your local estate agent and getting your house valued. You could either then sell your house on immediately, or continue to live there until the time is right.

Alternatively, you could invest in other properties, which you can renovate in order to sell or rent them, or just hold onto them as a second property until market values increase and your asset is worth more.


A common way for people to invest their money is in the stock market. Stocks and shares can be confusing to people who have no experience with it, but the basic concept is that stocks are listed on an exchange, and this acts as a virtual ‘market’ allowing buyers and sellers to view the live supply and demand quotas. If you are interested in buying stock, you would need to be represented by a stockbroker. For advice on personal finance goals and how to reach them, read a review for TD Ameritrade, a software that provides tools and insights on how to make better financial decisions.

Business loans

Another way for you to potentially invest your money would be through making smart, informed business loans. You could loan a business money that they are in need of, and in return they could pay you back with interest, or give you shares within their business. You will want to get financial advice to make sure you are making a good investment, and ensure that the likelihood of getting good returns is high. You could also loan money to friends and family with the same arrangement, but this isn’t advisable as personal attachments can complicate business transactions.

Whichever investment route you consider, make sure that it is viable for you, offers a manageable amount of risk, and possibilities for good returns.  

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How to Easily Cut Back on Your Business Overheads

Posted By Administration, Thursday, March 15, 2018

Every small expense can equate to a large bill, which can substantially affect your company’s bottom-line. Every penny counts when growing a business, which is why you must aim to reduce your expenditure each month. If you want to find ways to improve your finances, here is how to cut back on your business overheads.

Slash Your Supply Expenses

A quick and easy way to reduce your overheads is to cut back on your business supplies. Discount suppliers, such as Amazon and Walmart, can often offer high-quality products at a fraction of supply vendors’ prices. It might, therefore, be an intelligent move to contact your existing vendors to inform them you are comparing the market, as they might be happy to reduce the prices on their goods to secure your custom.

Reduce International Call Costs

Do you regularly need to make phone calls overseas? This could be resulting in a hefty phone bill each month, which could be destroying your profit margin. Rather than making expensive calls to connect with international clients, look for cheap international calls to considerably decrease your phone bill. For example, if you regularly need to connect with clients or customers in Manila, Makati, or Davao, you will be happy to know you can make cheap calls for the Philippines. Therefore, you can reduce your phone bill without compromising on your relationships with your overseas clients.

Maximize Your Employees’ Skillsets

Your employees could have multiple skills simply going to waste in your company. You should, therefore, review their resume to learn more about their knowledge and experience. For example, your administrative assistant could be fluent in another language, which is a skill you could use to connect with overseas customers or to translate documents. Additionally, a web developer could also have exceptional content marketing skills, meaning they can create a professional, well-written website to drive traffic to your landing pages. It will allow you to create a more efficient office while reducing the need to hire additional members of staff. However, be sure not to overload them with work.

Narrow Your Company’s Focus

It is important to review your products and services routinely, so you can identify what is or isn’t working across the business. For example, you might be spending too much time attempting to market and sell a product that offers little return for the business and is wasting valuable time. Your time can then be better spent focusing on the goods that are generating revenue for your company, which will ensure its profitability and success.

Cut Back on Staff

No employer will enjoy laying off members of staff, but it could be the best approach for the company’s finances. After you, you will need to ensure you run a profitable business for every employee on your payroll, and this could unfortunately mean letting go of staff or reducing their working hours. Annually review the company’s employment needs to identify if you need to say goodbye to an employee, as this could increase your bottom-line and create a more financially secure company.

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How to Earn More Money as a Business Professional

Posted By Administration, Wednesday, March 14, 2018

If you are working in the field of business, whether you are in management, marketing, or anything in between, you probably want to do whatever it takes to succeed and to earn the highest salary possible. Thankfully, there are several ways that you could increase your earning potential and make yourself a valuable job candidate whenever you are ready to look for new opportunities in the business world. Continue reading to learn about a few of the best strategies that you can use.

Receive Certifications

You already have a business degree, right? So what else can you do to enhance your skills and learn the latest tactics and strategies that will make you stand out against the competition? Well, there are certifications that you can go after in order to build upon the education that you received in the past. But which certifications will help you most? That will depend upon a few factors, such as the industry that you are currently working in, the position that you are employed in and what your employer’s expectations are, and whether or not you want to use your certification to switch careers altogether. For example, if you want to build a personal training consultancy, using a source like Salary Site could help you figure out if this is the right path for you.

Learn a Language

In the world of international business, knowing how to speak and write in another language is an invaluable skill that could really set you apart from the many other job seekers out there. In fact, when it comes to the global business world, you could dramatically increase your earning potential if you are bilingual or multilingual. If you could manage to learn a new language and communicate effectively with those who don’t speak English, you could open yourself up to a wide range of new job opportunities, and you could command a higher salary as well. Plus, when you know another language, you will even have the opportunity to go work abroad if you want to.

Learn on the Job

Rather than just sticking to your basic job responsibilities, use your current place of employment as an opportunity to expand your skills. Go ahead and challenge yourself by taking on additional tasks and working on various projects for other departments. This will not only prove that you are really dedicated to the company, but it will also alert your employer to your abilities in other areas, and that could help you negotiate a higher salary too. Plus, learning on the job is one of the best ways to learn, as you are right in the thick of it and you can experience things that you wouldn’t get in a classroom setting.

It is clear that there are several things that you can do if you want to earn more money as a business pro, so don’t stagnate. Instead, always look for ways to improve upon your existing skill set and prove your worth to your current employer, as well as any potential new employers. 

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