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Portland - Meeting 2008 Dec

Portland Chapter Meeting

Implementing BPM Using Best Practices: Case Studies
December 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008
6:00pm - 6:15pm networking
6:15pm - 8:00pm Case Studies

Center for Professional Development, OGI School of Science & Engineering
20000 NW Walker Rd., Beaverton, OR 97006 (Portland, OR metropolitan area)
OHSU West Campus (formerly OGI)
Wilson Clark Center: Building #3 on campus map, Room 407

Denis Lee and Chet Amborn

The benefits of adopting Business Process Management (BPM) best practices have been well documented:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency of business operations
  • Increased quality of products and services
  • Reduction of cost

While the benefits of BPM are compelling, many are left wondering how to accomplish it. This presentation provides two case studies of real BPM initiatives executed by ABPMP members. Both case studies address how BPM best practices were leveraged to address a business problem, and how those BPM best practices led to measurable positive results.

The presentations will focus on how a BPM capability was implemented for an organization. The case studies are very different in terms of how the capabilities were designed and which tools were used. The presenters hope to present a broad view of BPM as a management discipline applicable to virtually any business domain.

Case Study #1: New Business Capability Implementation

Linking Business Operations to Organizational Objectives through Design and Management of End-to-End Business Process

Denis Lee will present how BPM best practices were used to develop and manage a process to ensure clinical sites globally had the IT resources needed to execute clinical drug trials. This presentation will focus on how the team designed a comprehensive model of the process domain, how the model was used to communicate critical information to stakeholders, and what mechanisms were implemented to facilitate continuous process improvement.

Denis is a Business Architecture and Business Process Management professional residing in Portland. Denis started his career in the BPM space at Amgen Inc, a Fortune 200 Biotechnology company in Los Angeles, CA, where he led several global business transformation initiatives across multiple organizations. He has recently worked at Nike as a Business Process Consultant. Denis is currently on contract at Bonneville Power Administration where he is engaged in the selection and implementation of a BPM tool suite.

Case Study #2: Redesigned Business Process Implementation

Paperless Mortgage Loan Processing: View the Case Study Presentation

Chet Amborn will present how a national wholesale mortgage lender selected a BPM suite and pilot tested their first business process using BPM and FileNET for paperless loan processing. This presentation will focus on how BEA’s AquaLogic BPM was used to model, develop, and implement a business process for wholesale mortgage loan closing. A pilot test was conducted in eight branch offices in the U.S. and two offshore locations in India. Results of this pilot project provided insight into variations in the loan processing process between branches that enabled a second round of major process improvements the following year.

Chet Amborn was a Business Process Modeler at GreenPoint Mortgage. He was a member of the enterprise BPM team that provided process redesign and change management services across five lines of business. Chet provided expertise in process modeling and training on process ownership. He also facilitated collaboration between Operations and IT in adopting an Agile/Scrum methodology for implementing BPM applications. Chet is currently designing and implementing workflow process improvements for Portland Development Commission.

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