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ABPMP History

The Association of Business Process Management Professionals began in 2003 as a result of conversations between three former associates who currently worked for three different Fortune 50 companies.  They had all been working on BPM programs and projects for several years.  They realized that there was no professional society for people doing BPM work.  Furthermore, it had begun to appear that the IT vendor community was trying to 'take-over' or redefine the BPM space as a technology layer and they felt that was problematic for practitioners.  They decided to start a professional association for practitioners of BPM modeled after other professional societies such as AITP, DAMA, PMI, etc.  Sixteen people showed up for the first organizing meeting.


April 22, 2003 - First organizing meeting held in Chicago

June, 2003 - Developed bylaws, code of ethics, pro forma 3 year operating budget

July, 2003 - Incorporated as a 501-c(6) corporation in Illinois, received IRS EIN, registered with Treasury for tax exemption.

October 7, 2003 - First ABPMP Chicago meeting hosted by CSC and Illinois Institute of Technology with Howard Smith, CTO CSC EMEA and co-author of "Business Process Management, the Third Wave"


First Board of Directors (2003-2004)

President - Brett Champlin

Vice President - Jack Langowski

VP Finance - Patricia Fenoglio, Dale Cohen*

VP Communication - Elia Naughton

VP Marketing - Chris Jensen

VP Operations - Richard Lovell

VP Membership Services - Bob Lapen

VP Chapter Services - Brad Reynolds

VP Information Management - Don Parzynski, Kevin Johnson*

VP Relationship Management* - Brian Cooper

VP Education* - Andrew Spanyi




Brett Champlin, Allstate Insurance Company

Chris Jensen, McDonald's Corporation

Richard Lovell, Motorola Corporation


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