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.360 Database Finalization Plan

Members360 Finalization List


Estimated Go-Live Date:  Mid to Late March 2013



Implementation Resources:

Resource Web Address
Members360 Videos and Notes Webinar Library


Post Implementation Finalization

Partner Tasks
Comments Notes
Website Content (Not applicable to upgrades) Verify all necessary content has been added to your new website  

Call 1


Characteristic Smart Groups

Common Applications:

  • Create smart groups for each set of Active Member Types
  • Email Blast smart group for active members or prospects or all records in the database
  • Members coming up for renewal next month, next 2 months
  • If you have chapters, regions, districts, etc., setup smart groups to find each group of records in the applicable area
  • Smart groups are used for custom searches. Create custom search specific smart groups.
  • Smart groups can be used for permissions on who can access custom searches or forms


Create necessary characteristic smart groups for launch date.  
 Email Lists Create queries for each initial email list. Add your mailing address to the main list settings page.  

Participation Smart Groups


Your committees can be populated once the final set of data has been loaded. Verify all of your committees and titles have been created  

Call 2

Review Member Forms Review your membership applications/profiles to make sure all the necessary fields are on the forms and required fields are marked  
Signup Paths and Main Join Page Verify the main join page and walk down the signup paths  
Dues Calculations Review dues calculations to ensure amounts are correct, invoice line item descriptions and income GL accounts are setup correctly  
Email Templates for New and Renewing Members Verify you have your email templates ready so that when members join or renew, they receive the email confirmation  

Call 3

Conferences Create conferences needed for launch  
Events Create events needed for launch  

Call 4

Professional Development
  • Create activities
  • CBPP - recreate flow for PD
  • Activate ability to submit credits

Call 5


Custom Searches

Common Applications:

  • Public Member Directory - no private contact information, limited information
  • Members Only Member Directory
  • If you have firms, clinics, affiliate/vendor or company records that should be searchable, create organization custom search


Create necessary custom searches for launch day:


  • Independent Consultant Registry
  • Certified Training Provider Directory




Common Applications:

  • Any PAC or Foundation contributions usually need  form
  • Volunteer, Enrollment or Interest In... forms
  • Surveys


Create necessary forms for launch  

Call 6

Accounting Settings Confirm logo is uploaded, contact information is entered and accurate and invoice, receipt templates are complete  
Renewal and Start Date Parameters Confirm Grace Period and Start Date Rule for member dates is accurate  
Member Portal Verify Member Portal headings and configurations. Add any New/Information items  
Update General Settings to link Join/Renewal Emails to Signup/Renew Process

Confirm the correct joining and renewing email templates are configured in the general settings.

Confirm alerts for new joins and renewals are going to correct staff email address(es)


 Email Templates Confirm any additional email templates you want ready for launch day have been created  
General Ledger Confirm GL Code list is accurate  


Preparing for Go-Live

  • You will need to contact your Engagement Manager one week, (5 business days), prior to your Go-Live date.
  • Before going live you will want to make sure that your website content is complete and accurate.
  • Please verify that your member join page, your calendar of events page, custom searches, and any other links are created on your site.
  • If your main navigation buttons need to be linked, please content your Engagement Manager and they can update the links for you.
  • You will also want to submit test member registrations for any events that you have created as well as the member join process.  If any modifications need to be made, you will want to make them prior to going live.



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