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April 29, 2010

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The Association of BPM Professionals International Releases The First Business Process Management Common Body of Knowledge, BPM CBOK®, which has become the Standard for the BPM Industry in the US, Latin America and Europe.

The Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP) announced today the release of the Guide to the Business Process Management Common Body of Knowledge, BPM CBOK® to the public and community of BPM professionals.

"This is a great day for BPM professionals", said Mr. Tony Benedict, ABPMP International's President. "Our Common Body of Knowledge is the first of its kind in the BPM industry. It provides a comprehensive view of BPM and clarifies terminology which has become the standard for the industry. The Guide to the BPM CBOK® is the underlying foundation for our certification process which will serve as a touchstone which companies can rely upon." Benedict indicated that the Guide to the BPM CBOK® is a key benefit to ABPMP members and is free in pdf form as part of ABPMP International's membership.

According to Martin L. Bariff, Associate Professor of Information Management, IIT Stuart Graduate School of Business, "The Guide to the BPM Common Body of Knowledge provides valuable guidance for a number of BPM constituencies, e.g., current and potential practitioners, college and high school students, employment recruiters, college and training organization faculties, college and high school career counselors, and certification boards. Dependent upon a BPM professional’s job scope, the Guide to the BPM CBOK® proposes what knowledge and skills are necessary for favorable job performance and career advancement.”

This Guide to the BPM CBOK® enables college and training organization faculties to develop relevant and beneficial model curricula for degree, certificate, and continuing education programs.

ABPMP also released a certification program in January 2010 based upon the Guide to the BPM CBOK® knowledge areas. Candidates for the Certified Business Process Professional (CBPP®) designation will be required to demonstrate professional experience, successful completion of qualified BPM training, pass an examination and commit to continuing education requirements "ABPMP certification is the only vendor neutral, practitioner led, independent certification body in the BPM industry. We are following ISO/ANSI standards for our certification processes,” commented Brett Champlin, Past President who served on the Certification committee.

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BPM focuses on the management of an organization’s end-to-end business processes. "Many people confuse BPM with process improvement efforts such as Six Sigma,” comments Mark Treat, ABPMP’s Vice President of Education. "BPM contains process improvement methodologies, but is much more. As BPM practitioners we view Six Sigma, Lean, and other similar methodologies as individual tools in a larger tool box, each appropriate for some things, inappropriate for others. BPM is a much broader, more comprehensive approach to process management.”

ABPMP’s Guide to the BPM CBOK® is organized around 9 knowledge areas and includes a number of appendices, a model BPM curricula, reference disciplines, and information on the BPM community. The nine knowledge areas are:

  1. Business Process Management
  2. Process Modeling
  3. Process Analysis
  4. Process Design
  5. Process Transformation
  6. Process Performance Management
  7. Process Organization
  8. Enterprise Process Management
  9. BPM Technologies

ABPMP International is dedicated to the advancement of business process management concepts and its practice. The release of the Guide to the BPM CBOK® is a critical step promoting the practice of BPM, and the advancement and skill development of the growing body of professionals who work in this discipline. "Everyone who plays a role in designing and deploying BPM solutions should be a member of ABPMP International and contribute to the future enhancement of this important guide to the discipline”, Treat said.

About the Association of Business Process Management Professionals International (ABPMP International)

The Association of Business Process Management Professionals International is a non-profit, vendor independent professional organization dedicated to the advancement of business process management concepts and its practices. ABPMP International is practitioner-oriented and practitioner-led. The organization has over 6,000 members represented by 83 countries, and over 1,500 companies. For more information on local chapters, the BPM CBOK®, CBPP® and other news, please visit

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