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ABPMP Bolivia Chapter talks about training opportunities in BPM and how to reduce costs

Thursday, October 1, 2020  
Posted by: ABPMP Team


Business Process Management (BPM) is a discipline to identify, design, execute, document, measure, monitor, and control automated and non-automated business processes  aimed at achieving results aligned with the strategic objectives of  an  organization. Alberto Vargas, president of the ABPMP Bolivia Chapter, which is part of the International Association of Professionals in Business Process Management (ABPMP), explained to  La  Razón  how this approach allows a firm to align its business processes with its commercial strategy, providing effective company performance through the improvement of work activities in the different areas of a company, as well as ,  in an organization. Bolivia Chapter is a civil entity made up of Bolivian professionals to provide training and certification in BPM . They  integrate a global network that connects more than 15,000 members through 750 corporations and 56 chapters around the world.


—How is BPM implemented in companies in a time of economic contraction like the one the country is  currently going through due to COVID-19?


—Companies should consider applying the entire methodology for implementing BPM, using professionals who are prepared and knowledgeable about BPM CBOK, which is the body of knowledge , or rather the BPM bible. Or at least, prepare your employees to learn these techniques by resorting to accredited entities for training. The implementation requires the application of several duly standardized steps I think it is worth investing in good advice than  accepting support  from professionals who are just becoming aware of the subject or are risky to assume such a commitment, because what is  at risk is the future of the company and in this  current  health crisis ,  we are not for trials and  even  less for bland expenses.


—How do you connect with the International Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP International)?


—It is the author entity of the BPM CBOK; When you belong to a Chapter, you have access to that body of knowledge that is the basis for the application of consultancy work  training and especially for international certification. The fact of belonging to this entity through the Bolivian Chapter assures you that everything you are going to learn and apply is within the framework of an international standard and that you will thus be able to emulate good practices that are applied in corporations in several countries of the first world, such as the United States of America, Russia, France, Spain , and others. The study and knowledge of CBOK means that you can talk about BPM in any country in the world where there is a Chapter, at the same time,  it gives you the possibility to interact with professionals in your field  while also work ing for companies in all those countries. Currently, ABPMP International is present in 56 countries, has affiliates of 750 corporations , and more than 15,000 members all over the planet, and it  continues to grow  more and more every day.


"What is the Bolivia Chapter?"


—The Bolivia Chapter is a civil organization organized by Bolivian professionals to provide training and certification to all professionals interested in pursuing a career in the specialty of BPM and to companies that wish to receive specialized advice through affiliation to our Chapter, which is supported by a large international entity. This organization is the voice of the BPM community.


- With which academic institutions is the Bolivian Chapter linked?


—The ABPMP Bolivia Chapter is open to making agreements with all academic institutions in Bolivia . We are currently in talks with higher education entities to sign agreements and thus collaborate in the conformation of the curricula on  BPM as part of  undergraduate and postgraduate program contents ( BA/MA), as well as continuous training courses. We invite all institutions to contact us to create synergy and thus benefit all students and professionals who wish to pursue a career in this beautiful specialty.


- What activities does the Bolivian Chapter carry out?


—We as a Chapter have recently launched our first course called B PM, a course based on its integrity in the BPM CBOK 4.0 in Spanish, a version launched by ABPMP International last July. This course is enabling for our BPM  Boot Camp (training  opportunities camp), where one will prepare to obtain international certifications, learning the content and techniques of the BPM CBOK. Also, we are about to launch our block of services for companies and organizations in the third sector of the economy, in terms of giving conferences, workshops, seminar-workshops, open training courses, in-company training courses and specific consultancies in the field of BPM, LEAN Six Sigma, Organization and Methods (Quality and Processes), Quality Management , and Organizational Development. All these activities have a cost whose objective is to make the association self-sustainable over time and to motivate its members to spread the BPM throughout Bolivia  while  honor ing  their efforts with remuneration according to their knowledge and experience.


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