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CBPA® Overview

Certified Business Process Associate (CBPA®)

The Association of Business Process Management Professionals International (ABPMP) is pleased to announce an associate level Business Process Management (BPM) practitioner certification: The Certified Business Process Associate (CBPA®).

 This certification can be earned by having either 1,250 hours of documented hands-on experience in a BPM related area OR a 4-year qualifying university degree and passing a comprehensive test.

You may substitute qualified education or professional BPM training for up to 625 hours credit towards the work experience requirement if you do not have a qualifying university degree.

The examination is specifically designed to challenge your understanding of the various BPM disciplines and the techniques that are used to improve business operations and enable organizational transformation.

This first level, Certified Business Process Associate (CBPA®), is for individuals who may be fairly new to the business transformation profession. It is meant to recognize professionals who have a broad-based foundation level skills and understanding, where individuals may have some work experience the field, but do not have the full four years of hands-on experience required for the second level of certification – the Certified Business Process Professional (CBPP®). In this regard, the CBPA® is the foundational BPM Certification.   

Who should sit for the CBPA® examination?

The CBPA® certificate is focused on the new BPM practitioner. The target for this certification is the practitioner who has completed (or is in the process of completing) his or her undergraduate degree or has been working in a business process management related role for at least one year. The exam demonstrates the credential holder’s understanding of business process improvement and transformation concepts across the disciplines covered by the BPM Common Body of Knowledge (BPM-CBOK®).

The CBPA® certification allows people who are newer to the profession to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts, approaches, techniques and technology that are needed to succeed in BPM and helps them stand out among their peers.

The CBPA® certificate is more than an academic certification or a certificate of study. It is intended to independently verify that the individual holding the certificate has a solid level of basic competency in the area of business process management and may have actually applied the concepts in day-to-day work experience.


Registration is open to any practitioner who has completed 1,250 hours (one year) of hands-on experience in two or more BPM disciplines as defined by the BPM-CBOK® OR has a qualifying four-year college or university degree.

 The work experience can be through an internship program, on live BPM related project(s) or as part of the individual’s normal work responsibilities. In addition, the applicant should have a detailed understanding of the terminology and how to apply the concepts presented in the BPM-CBOK®. College or university degrees in BPM, Management, Finance, Engineering or a variety of related sciences related to business process and organization also qualify a candidate to sit for the exam.


Register Online for the CBPA Exam


For the CBPA examination in German language, please see for further information.

Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of $40.00 USD (or €30.00) will be charged at the time of registration to cover administrative and audit costs associated with the application.

If approved, the applicant will be notified via email to register for the CBPA® examination online with Kryterion, our global online testing services provider. Once you register, you will be asked to pay a $550.00 USD (or €480) examination fee (Visa, MasterCard and Pay Pal accepted) and be given an opportunity to schedule the exam at a time and location convenient for you. A discount of $150.00 USD is available for current professional members of ABPMP International.

The exam can be scheduled at Kryterion certified testing centers in many countries and cities around the world or may be offered as a private event by a university, BPM conference or a local ABPMP International chapter.

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