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Training Overview

Training Program Overview

Registered Training Providers (RTPs) are organizations and Educational Institutions that ABPMP International Board has approved to offer training in BPM knowledge areas that are in alignment with ABPMP International's BPM Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK). RTP's are approved to issue Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits to meet the continuing education requirements needed by ABPMP credential holders. RTP's also have authorization to use the BPM CBOK (excerpts, images, tables) for inclusion in their courses, course materials or articles within the guidelines provided by ABPMP International.

Disclaimer: ABPMP International does not currently perform a quality review of RTP's training activities and cannot guarantee the success of an RTP's training activity.

How to apply:

There are two ways to apply as a Registered Training Provider. You may apply as an individual or company seeking to provide training sessions to groups in your area. We also have an application for educational institutions that wish to provide training to students enrolled in BPM classes, and that the training aligns with the ABPMP CBOK.

The initial fee to become a new RTP are as follows:

  • Individual/Company: $350 USD
  • Educational Institution: $300 USD


Apply Online


Why become an ABPMP Registered Training Provider?

As an individual consultant or if you are an owner of a consulting organization, you will benefit as an ABPMP Registered Training Provider.

Individuals and Organizations who seek training in BPM prefer to work with an RTP and practitioners view the RTP designation as a stamp of quality. Your organization will gain immediate recognition and greater credibility. Your business will grow as you reach our community of BPM practitioners all over the world.

There is a “built-in” audience of BPM Certified individuals who must maintain their credential who will be pursuing Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits through educational programs and other activities that are by the Registered Training Provider.

  • Take advantage of the RTP Directory on viewed by more than 5000 visitors each month, many of them seeking quality BPM training.
  • Expand your network and business through collaboration with other RTPs including educational/academic institutions
  • ABPMP supports RTPs with a Directory of providers.
  • Develop business through collaboration with academic institutions
  • Opportunity to get involved to serve on the ABPMP CBOK Committee and help create new global standards in BPM and contribute to newer releases of the BPM CBOK.


Renew your Annual Training Provider Subscription

To maintain your status as a Registered Training Provider with ABPMP International, you must complete the annual fee of $300 USD. This renewal fee applies to both individual/company, and educational institution training types.

Make a Payment


Click on the button above for instructions to pay the RTP fee online using Credit card or Paypal only. Alternately you could mail a check or fax your credit card information by printing and filling Page 4 of the RTP Application form.

If you are an existing Training Provider:

  1. Click on the "Make a Payment" button above.
  2. Click on Annual RTP Fee.
  3. Select Add Item.
  4. Select Checkout.
  5. Follow the instructions to pay using your Credit card or Paypal account.

If you are a new Training Provider:

We recommend that you complete our online application to become a Registered Training Provider and complete your payment at the end of the form.

Apply Online


If you completed the online form but did not yet make your payment:

  1. Click on the "Make a Payment" button above.
  2. If you represent an Individual or Company, click on the Initial Registration for Individual Training Provider.
  3. If you represent an Educational Institution, click on the Initial Registration for Educational Institution Training Provider.
  4. Select Add Item.
  5. Select Checkout.
  6. Follow the instructions to pay using your Credit card or Paypal account.
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