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Job Board FAQ

Job Board FAQ

I want to make my posting active or inactive. How do I do that?

Do you have a Member or Non-Member Account? Please sign in before posting a job. Once you are signed in, you may make your posting active or inactive.

I never received my email invoice.

Invoices are sent to the email associated with the member who is purchasing. If you are purchasing on behalf of another member, the invoice will be sent to that member. If you are the member associated with the posting and have not received the invoice, please check your spam folder as emails sometimes get blacklisted. If you still haven't received an email invoice, please contact us.

The link from my invoice to my job form is not working.

Links become active once payment has been processed. If you still can't access the job form and payment has been processed, you can access the form from your member profile.

  • Go to "My Profile" and select "Manage My Member Profile"
  • Scroll down to "Networking & Careers" and select "Career Postings"
  • Find your job posting (may be listed as "untitled") and select the pencil/paper icon to edit.

Once you choose "Career Postings," you will see this page:

You may edit here, using the paper/pencil icon or through the link in the invoice that is emailed to you. The red circle must be clicked to turn it green. A green circle means "active." A red circle means "inactive." You may choose to make your job posting active or inactive at any time.

If your job form is not appearing in your member profile as shown above, please contact us.

When I go to submit the job form, I get an error message regarding too many characters in the application field, but my information is under the character limit.

Our website is optimized for use with Firefox or Google Chrome.

Try refreshing the page, then entering the application information manually instead of copying & pasting. Then resubmit the form. You should still be able to copy & paste your general job information into the details field.

When I go to submit the job form, it does not submit correctly.

ABPMP's forms are optimized for use with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If you are already using Firefox or Chrome and are still having submission issues, please contact us.

Download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.

I've submitted my job, but it's not appearing on the website.

Job postings may take up to 48 hours (two business days) to be posted on the site, not including weekends or holidays. This includes any revisions to jobs already posted.

Issue #1 - Missing Information
Job postings are reviewed for missing information before they are made active. Jobs missing detail information will not be made active. Please be sure to complete all information correctly in your job posting by viewing the posting in your member profile.

  • Go to "My Profile" and select "Manage My Member Profile"
  • Scroll down to "Networking & Careers" and select "Career Postings"
  • Find your job posting (may be listed as "untitled") and select the pencil/paper icon to edit.
  • Complete any missing information and re-submit.

Issue #2 - Inactive Posting
ABPMP will not post jobs that are marked as "inactive" on the submission form. If you're not sure if your post is active or inactive, you can check your job posting through your member profile.

  • Go to "Career Postings" under "Networking and Careers"
  • Click the red button (inactive status) to change it to green (active status) OR
  • Select the pencil/paper icon to edit, and select "Active" under the "Status" option.

If your post already has all the needed information and has an active status (green button), and it's still not posted after 48 hours, please contact us.

I don't see my question listed here.

For additional Career Center help please contact us.

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